Twitter4J rocks- Thank you @yusukey

As many of you know, I operate a number of services that integrate with Twitter, including SuperTweet API and 140plus publisher, along with a number of other apps, webapps, web services, and other projects and sites I'm involved with. Most of these use the excellent Twitter4J Java library by Yusuke Yamamoto.

With the deprecation of the current Twitter API 1.0 by Twitter in September and its shutdown scheduled for March 2013, we were all anxiously anticipating a new version of Twitter4J with support for the Twitter 1.1 API so our projects would be ready for the looming API 1.0 shutdown. And, behold, Twitter4J 3.0.x is now released.

Given the magnitude of the underlying changes, I expected the migration from Twitter4J 2.2.x to 3.0.x to be a bit daunting, I was pleasantly surprised to find that, at least for the projects I've ported so far, it has been extremely painless. The biggest potential issue is probably that all Twitter API 1.1 endpoints including the Search API now require OAuth authorization unlike Twitter API 1.0  and previous versions of Twitter4J. Otherwise, in my case, it was mostly a matter of simply rebuilding the code with the new JAR. There is a migration guide on the Twitter4J site.

I can't recommend Twitter4J highly enough. I suggest you get over to the site and donate. I did.

New Swirl Twitter app and the "Display Requirements" snag

Betaworks launched a new iPhone app called swirl that groups photos from Twitter and Instagram into albums/groups based on hashtags.

This is not the first such app, but it is a cool alternative view to Twitter information. And therein lies the rub. Users love these kinds of re-purposing apps that provide unique views of their Twitter feeds, such as Flipboard and Twimbow. However, Twitter apparently doesn't.

Right out of the gate, Swirl clearly violates Twitter's new "Display Requirements" so according to Twitter, Swirl will need an exception "made on a case by case basis by email approval."  Besides the specific details on rendering a "tweet" the rules also say:

Tweets that are grouped together into a timeline must not be rendered with non-Twitter content. e.g., comments, updates from other networks.

Since Swirl is intertwining Twitter and Instagram content together, this would appear to be another problem for Twitter.

It will be interesting to watch all this play out, how Twitter reacts to these apps that run against their new rules and how many "case by case" exceptions they are willing to grant.