Trump, Is it Luck?

Having finished "Fire and Fury" it brings me back to an idea I've had for a while about the phenonenon that is a Donald Trump candidacy and, however improbable, presidency.

Along the way, Trump has seemed to cross paths with just the right person at precisely the right time. In what seems like a Mr. Magoo fashion, he stumbles along, on the brink of disaster; and then suddenly along comes just the right person for that particular disaster and, once again, the bumbling fool is able to march on, unscathed, leaving a wake of destruction behind for others to deal with. Lewendowski, Manafort, and not the least of which Bannon, being prime examples. Without all of these, and countless others, Trump's path to the presidency would have ended with a thud. They come into his circle and then often self-destruct, usually in dramatic fashion - but their work having been done, Trump himself persists.

The question is, is this really luck?

Is it Luck?

Or have each of these "fixers" in fact been strategically insinuated by larger forces, with an actual plan? Is that the hand of Putin we see? Some other force? Or is it all just dumb luck.

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