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Available for iOS app development

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Semi-retired C-level technology executive with over twenty years industry experience interested in iOS development projects:

  • Over 20 years of professional software development experience
  • Fully equipped home-office with extensive work-from-home experience
  • Custom iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch application development
  • Social networking, client/server network applications
  • Extensive server-side, REST API, and cloud services experience
  • Apple Xcode, Eclipse, Jira
  • Objective-C, Java, AWS
  • UIKit, OpenGL, iOS SDK frameworks
  • Subversion, Git, CVS

For sample iPhone app on the App Store see: http://reinsta.com

For more information see online resume site: http://www.bdt.com

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Apr 25, 2013


iOS Source Code: Photo Share FX camera app for Instagram-style filters with fast hardware-based image manipulation

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Photo Share FX is an iPhone source code component and demo app. Photo Share FX uses the GPUImage framework to take full effect of OpenGL ES 2.0 for fast hardware-based image manipulation.

Learn how to create a camera app with Instagram-style filters that significantly outperforms Core Image and equivalent CPU-based filters.

  • Take a picture with camera or choose an existing photo from the photo library
  • Scrollview menu for filters like Instagram
  • Fully functional app with retina and iPhone 5 resources included
  • Provides 14 filters: Sepia, Kick, Xpro, Venice, Moscow, B&W, Rinse, Amatorka, Aqua, Spark, Retro, Surreal, Elegant, Neg
  • Documentation provided to easily add additional filters or customize filters
  • Customize the artwork and submit to the Apple App Store as-is or easily use the view controller and classes in your app
  • Share photo directly to Twitter, Facebook, send mail, save to photo album, print etc. (iOS 6 Social framework)
  • UI is 100% in easy to read code – no Storyboard or XIB external dependencies
  • iOS 5.0+ compatible (as a deployment target)
  • iOS 6.1 SDK to build (Xcode 4.6)
  • ARC

Check it out:

Photo Share FX on CodeCanyon - Regular License starts at just $15

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Apr 23, 2013


Some of my favorite quotes from the "Facebook Home" presentations

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"Google's Android is open, so we don't have to work with them."

"[Notifications shows] a subset of Facebook messages, just the most important ones." (classic FB, telling me what is important)

"[Google Play Store] potentially makes us available to a really wide range of Android devices." (but today, in reality, only works on a few specific phones and no tablets).

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Apr 4, 2013

From @hblodget to Apple: "Call me, maybe?"

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Good old Henry never lets us down. He graciously offered to Apple that he would "stop by and visit" and he said he will even "give you my email and phone number." Wow. Who could turn down such a thoughtful and sincere request. I'm sure Apple will be impressed. I was so inspired by Blodget's appeal that I had to try it myself.

Ever since I started writing about Henry Blodget about ten years ago, he has utterly ignored me.

I have never really sincerely tried reaching out in a professional manner. That's not my job. If he really appreciated me, he would be contacting me.

So I have just worked without any credible information whatsoever. That's a lot more fun and it allows me to play the martyr.

And, over the last, I don't know, call it three years, I have probably written a hundred words about the disgraced former Internet analyst. (That's the equivalent of a book, right?)

From reading other reports, I gather that some cynical hacks like me have been welcomed into the Blodget fold--given tickets to conference events, favorable reviews of vaporware, special access to New York subway trains, and so forth.

I certainly wouldn't mind having those things--it would be an unusual twist to actually have real sources for any of the bullshit I write. I might even learn something (who am I kidding?) And with actual facts and information, who knows how awesome I could be (even though I know you idiots will read my bloviated, self-serving drivel either way) .

For whatever reason, though, I haven't been invited into the Blodget fold. Can you imagine? It can't be because I'm an absolute link whore with no self respect. It must be because Blodget is mean and knows I'm so much smarter than he is.

People that I talk to in my head tell me that this is because I have occasionally written things about Blodget that Blodget doesn't like. They say Blodget carefully selects and cultivates companies and influencers and that the silent treatment that I get is actually a tactic that he uses to try to get other literate and sane people to continue to report with some degree of journalistic integrity.

If that ridiculous speculation is true, and I think it's pretty clear that must be the reason Blodget hasn't responded to my cries in the night, it certainly wouldn't be the first time a corporate-shill pretending to be a media outlet has tried this tack.

Journalists often behave this way when everything is great, and they're on top of the world. In these periods, these wannabe celebrities are so narcissistic to believe that CEOs are desperate to talk to them, and that their sloppy coverage will actually influence the company's decisions and success, merely by bestowing gifts (hyped reviews, conference slots, favorable quotes) on some people and shutting out others.

But, eventually, the "untouchable" period always comes to an end. At that point, the true nature of these paid apologists shows through. And when that happens, they often pontificate with even more zeal, spewing vitriol like Dennis Miller and Bill O'Reilly on a Charlie Sheen-style coke binge.

As a self-described expert who seldom writes anything nice about Blodget (and, by that, I mean I never write anything nice about Blodget), I hope that his recent travails (that I just made up) will eventually lead to a similar transformation. Importantly, a new approach would only help the Blodget. I mean if he would just listen to me, he, and his readers, and the entire world for god's sake, would be so much better off. Speaking personally, I'm sure that there are a lot of things that Blodget could tell me that would cause me to throw up right there on the spot. And don't we all want that?

The good news is, I'm going to say Blodget's feeling the heat, when it comes to @mrblog these days.

We can safely speculate (because it is legal to do so, without any basis in fact) that Blodget has become so frustrated with constantly being reminded about his inglorious past and, perhaps worse, his crimes against journalism, that he has started proactively shouting at the devil with good news about the latest craft projects on Pinterest.

But despite the fact that I have never done anything other than mock, berate, and chide him, I, personally, love Blodget--my browser cache holds at least one, maybe even two, BI articles... So if there's some good Blodget news (and by "good" I mean scandalous) that I have been unaware of, I would certainly like to be made aware of it.

But I'm not going to beg (well, other than where I beg mercilessly, that is). And I'm tired of sending emails into a black hole because I don't even have a single real contact number or any personal relationship whatsoever.

So I'll just ask sarcastically one more time. And, hopefully, someday, for both Blodget's sake and mine (but especially Blodget's because that's how much I matter), I'll get a response.

Hey, I never met you,
And this is crazy,
But here's my email,
So email me, maybe?

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Mar 19, 2013


Bad news for Microsoft

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While Google clearly sees the benefit of putting energy into iOS (see Wired: Why Google Just Made iPhone King), when it comes to Windows Phone, a couple of recent announcements out of Google can't be good news for Microsoft:

  1. The Verge reports that Google has 'no plans to build out Windows Phone apps'
  2. Google has announced that they will no longer support Exchange ActiveSync which means existing devices that are setup to sync mail, calendar, and contacts will continue to work, but new devices will not be able to use the Exchange ActiveSync protocol with Gmail.

Google’s goal is to serve the customer wherever they are, and apparently, they don't think that means Windows Phone or Windows 8, which presumably also implies Microsoft Surface:

"We are very careful about where we invest and will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8"
- Google Apps product management director Clay Bavor

In contrast:

By releasing new versions of Google Maps and Gmail for iOS this month, Google helped make the iPhone the best mobile phone on the planet. 
- Wired Magazine

Written by mrblog

Dec 15, 2012